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Setup Printer with Ij Setup

Owning the best printer is also a major thing for those who are having a career based on it. One wrong presentation and everything will go in vain. IJ brand has some of the best quality printers that one should own. But, Some people feared changing the printer because they are thinking about who will take the burden to do the setup again. No worries, we are here to help you out with com/ijsetup. It is very easy to do an ij setup with com ijsetup, and you will enjoy it while doing this. So, is there anything to wait for? Of course not! Let’s get started.

Complete the Setup with comijsetup Setup

If you have bought the Printer, then you have taken one step ahead of others. If you want to go one more step ahead to have an easy life, then go to com/ijsetup as it is a kind of the first requirement that needs to be accomplished. It is required for the installation of the printer driver- the main component for the communication of the printer with the system. The com/ijsetup will provide you with easy instructions throughout the guide so that you will get trouble in the end. 

1. At first, switch on the device like printer or laptop in which you want to complete the setup.

2.Now, as per your choice, connect the printer to the system, and you can choose any method like wired or wireless. We will explain the steps for both cases.

3. After that, launch the desired browser and enter the official address in the URL field of the browser i.e. com/ijsetup.

4.This will open up the official portal for the Printer.

5. Now, there will be a gear icon on the portal. That is for the settings. Click over that. It will ask you to enter the model name for your printer. Select the details for your printer.

Tap the Enter button in the last to get started with the downloading of the driver.

Now, with this, the setup is complete. Isn’t it an easy process? It was, as your task is completed in just a few clicks. What else is required? As the download is complete, therefore, now there is a need to install them as well into the system to make the printer work in an actual manner.

Installation of Printer Drivers

There is only one link i.e. com/ijsetup, which you have to follow all the time. For the installation of the printer drivers as well, you need to follow this link. On the official web page, select the installation link for installing the printer driver. Once the file is ready for installation, complete the following steps for completing the installation.

1. On the screen, the icon will appear. So, double click over that icon. It will ask you to select the connection type. Select that according to your connection.

2. Now, start the printer by holding the power button.

3. For this section, we are choosing the wireless connection. In the next section, you will find the instructions for the wired connection.

4. For the confirmation of the connection, check the LED lights on the printer. If they are blinking in some solid LED color, then it means, the printer is now connected.

5. Accept the terms and conditions to complete the installation of the printer into your system. In the last step, there will be a Finish button, click over that to get the installation completed, and take the test printout from your printer for the confirmation of the working for the printer.

So, these are the steps for the installation of the printer, if you have chosen the connection type as wireless or WiFi. So, you are all set to take the desired printouts for your important work, and give your job the best shot. In case, you are not getting the connection with the printer by choosing a WiFi connection, then check the active status of the network or, you can try with the alternative method i.e. USB or wired method.

Installation of Printer via USB

In case, you are having an issue with the WiFi method, then try an alternative method. Just take a USB cable and connect it to your printer and system. If you have connected both the devices properly, then, follow the steps for the installation of the Printer with com/ijprinter.

1.Enter the main URL, i.e. com/ijsetup in the address field of your desired web browser.

2.Now, in the connection type selection, select the option of USB cable connection or Wired connection.

3.Now, click on the Next button, if you have connected the printer with USB, and be sure that it is not loose.

4.After that, click on the Add Printer button, to add the name/model of your printer to the list.

So, go to the LAN settings of your system for the connection you are using. Select the option there-Install the driver. Complete the desired settings for your system, and then take the test printout for the confirmation of the working of the printer.

Therefore, we have explained each and every detail of the setup with com/ijsetup. Moreover, both of them methods i.e. Wired and Wireless has been explained so that whatever method is easy to apply for you, you can do that. If still, you are finding it difficult to go with these steps, then we are here to help you out. Follow the link com/ijsetup properly till the end, and you will definitely find the resolution for your problem. So, just take a chill pill and keep printing with the Printer!

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